Change eye diagram plot color into black on white

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Eye diagram in MATLAB 2020b was a blue on white background, and now for some reason after I upgrade to 2021a, the plot invert its color into yellow lines on black background. Is there a way to change it back?
Below I attach pictures to illustrate the difference.
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Muhammad Afif Ramadhan
Muhammad Afif Ramadhan on 11 Aug 2021
After a lot of tinkering, I found the best method to change it is to access the property inspector and click on the object you want to change the color. Thanks the answer everyone.

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Answers (2)

Awais Saeed
Awais Saeed on 9 Aug 2021
to change the background color after the plot command

Chunru on 9 Aug 2021
get a handle of the object and there are color properties for you to change. You may also need to change the Children object color.

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