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version 1.1 (14.2 MB) by Iraj Hosseini
The app is used for PKPD Modeling and Simulation.


Updated 19 Apr 2018

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The source code and case studies are included in this toolbox. The description of gPKPDSim and case studies are in the publication titled "gPKPDSim: A SimBiology®-based GUI application for PKPD modeling in drug development.

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Iraj Hosseini (2021). gPKPDSimToolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Dear Iraj & Fulden,
Thank you very much!
I'm looking for the announcement.

Fulden Buyukozturk

Yusuke, to add to what Iraj said, we plan to bring gPKPDSim up to speed with newer versions of MATLAB. We will announce it here when there is a new version available.

Iraj Hosseini

gPKPDSim was tested in MATLAB R2015b, R2016a, and R2016b. The app has not been tested in newer versions and may not run as expected.


Is it possible to use in the newest Matlab (R2021a)?
Many errors are occurred during the launching app.

Error using SimBiology.Root/addtolibrary
Base of a power expression must be a unit, not a number.

Error in sbioaddtolibrary (line 57)

Error in units (line 53)

Error in gPKPDSim (line 23)

Error in gPKPDSim0x2D1App/startApp (line 86)
obj.AppHandle = eval('gPKPDSim');

Error in gPKPDSim0x2D1App (line 48)

Error in appinstall.internal.runapp>execute (line 116)
out = evalin('caller', [script ';']);

Error in appinstall.internal.runapp>runapp13a (line 95)
outobj = execute(fullfile(appinstalldir, [wrapperfile 'App.m']));

Error in appinstall.internal.runapp>preamble18b (line 60)
appobj = runapp13a(appinstalldir);

Error in appinstall.internal.runapp (line 13)
out = preamble18b(appinstalldir);

Error in (line 45)
appinstall.internal.runapp(appName, appLocation);

Iraj Hosseini

If you have admin privileges, you should be able to install gPKPDSim on Matlab in a central location. Otherwise, ask your admin.

Arokiaraj Mathias

I have Matlab on a central location. Is there a way to install gPKPDSim on a central location to be accessed by all users?

Jeremy Huard


very nice toolbox

Iraj Hosseini

Could you please be more specific? If you download as a toolbox, you should be able to install it in Matlab.

xinjian zhang

why cannot i open the file?

xinjian zhang

Sietse Braakman

Elliott Brecht

Thanks Iraj!

Kyle Brown

Thank you for developing this toolbox!

yichen yang




MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux
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