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Real Time Object Detection using Deep Learning.

version 1.01 (60.3 KB) by ABHILASH SINGH
Object Detection using Deep Learning tool.


Updated 25 Oct 2020

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The smart phone is used as webcam device. We can use it by installing IP Webcam app. Make sure that the Laptop and your smart phone must me connected to the same network using Wifi.
A specific solution for Android:
Install the free IP Webcam app. (Make sure you read the corresponding permissions and understand any security issues therein)
Open the app, set the desired resolution (will impact the speed!)
Scroll to the bottom and tap on 'Start Server'

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ABHILASH SINGH (2021). Real Time Object Detection using Deep Learning. (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Singh, Abhilash. Real Time Object Detection Using Deep Learning. Zenodo, 2020, doi:10.5281/ZENODO.4128443.

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Hi Yang Zhang,
For the IP address setting just click on the 'Start Server' button. Afterwards, the camera turns on and you see an internet address something like Jot down that address or directly give input to your PC browser or any other mobile phone browser (which is connected to the same WiFi network).

yang zhang

How is the IP address set? Can you explain the setting process?


Hi Navadeep,
Thanks for your review. As per your request, I will write an article and share the link soon.

Navadeep Ganesh U

Hello, How can i detect objects using this? Please write an article or share a link regarding this


Hi Emmanuel,
Thanks for your review. For the discussion regarding the identification of road-related features, we need to improve the training sets. For detail discussion feel free to drop an email on

Emmanuel Babu

Hi...just a query....can this be used to identify features of a road like curves, speed breakers , red lights etc...??


Hi Omkar,
Thanks for your review. Yes, we can implement the same in the Simulink, but it will be complex. Instead of making it in Simulink just make a GUI.

Omkar Bhanap

Working very fine on my system. Can we make the same using a Simulink model?

ahmed ahmed

i double checked everything and i am still getting the same error, i evem tried using the urlread command and didn't work. is there any setting that i should do in the IP webcam app?


Hii Ahmed,
Before running the code make sure that the url that is showing in the IP webcam app should be updated in the code.
Check and confirm

ahmed ahmed

I tested this function few days ago and it worked just fine, but i am testing it today and i am getting this error. does anyone have a solution?
Error using getFileFromURL (line 19)
Can't read URL "".

Error in imread (line 327)
[isUrl, filename] = getFileFromURL(filename);

Error in webcamm1 (line 3)
ss = imread(url);

Annu Singh


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Compatible with any release
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