Simscape Vehicle Templates

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Set of templates for creating custom vehicle models using Simscape for use within Simulink.

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This library contains library blocks and a configurable vehicle model that you can use for a wide range vehicle design tasks. This video shows you some of the capabilities:
For more details, see this page:
Here are some of the tasks you can perform:
  1. Explore powertrain architectures for conventional, hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell vehicles.
  2. Modify the suspension design by moving hardpoints obtained from CAD.
  3. Connect custom multilink suspensions to hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  4. Design active chassis controls for anti-lock brakes, stability control, and active roll control.
  5. Develop regenerative braking algorithms connected to electric powertrains.
  6. Test your designs against realistic road profiles by converting GPS data into 3D road definitions.
  7. Optimize vehicle-level performance by tuning design parameters in any system.
  8. Validate ADAS algorithms in scenarios involving stoplights, vehicles, and pedestrians.
  9. Find stability limits for vehicle-trailer combinations.
  10. Test your embedded software against a virtual vehicle using HIL simulation.
The templates are designed to be extendable. Create your own variant for any portion of the vehicle model (such as the brakes, suspension, or drivetrain) and you can adjust the libraries so that variant can be selected. It includes the tire modeling software MFeval, another submission on the File Exchange, which inspired this submission.
Please open sm_car_proj.prj to get started.
Use these hyperlinks to access these materials.

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Inspiración para: Vehicle Model with Delft-Tyre in Simscape Multibody

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Para consultar o informar de algún problema sobre este complemento de GitHub, visite el repositorio de GitHub.