Optimizing Process Flows and Logistics

SimEvents helps you understand resource requirements, timelines for complex large-scale missions, and the effects of arbitrary events on mission plans.

Customize Process Simulation Models with Algorithms for Key Operations

You can easily customize components of your process simulation without low-level programming. You can write MATLAB functions to represent task-scheduling sequences, part routing and production recipes in process simulation models. Your model uses the result of these MATLAB functions to dynamically change processing delays, priorities, and other key elements of the process.

Analyze and Visualize Resource Utilization and Latencies Within a Process Simulation

With SimEvents, you can perform simulation and data analysis in a single environment. You can simulate process flows and use built-in visualization capabilities to gain insight into resource requirements, bottlenecks, and latencies. With in-model animation, you can examine model execution behavior during simulation. You can then customize simulation data analysis and visualization in MATLAB.

Model the Rate and Flow of Events Using Real-World Data

You can import real-world data to generate tasks and production orders as input to process simulations. With a few lines of MATLAB code, you can import data from virtually any format, including XML files, spreadsheets, and databases.