How to Create and Link Simulink Components

Components in System Composer can have their detailed behavior specified using Simulink. You can do this by either linking a Component to an existing model or by creating a skeleton Simulink model with the same interface as a Component that can be filled in later by the designer.

First let’s create a Simulink Behavioral Model from this Supervisory Computer Main Board component. Select the component then select Create Simulink Behavior. Name the Simulink Model. Notice the name of the Simulink model appears under the name of the component and the Simulink icon appears in the upper right corner of the component

Clicking on the Simulink icon opens the Simulink Model. Notice this model is prepopulated with the interfaces defined in the architecture. These interfaces will be kept in sync so making a change in one model will update the other model.

Add in the Simulink behavior and notice that content preview shows it in the Main Board architecture component.

Now let’s link an existing Simulink Model to a Component in the architecture.

Create the AutoPilot Component then select link to model.

Navigate to the Simulink model you wish to link to the component and select it.

Notice the Simulink Icon and the Simulink Model name now appear on the component and that the components interfaces have been populated from the information in the Simulink Model and are ready to be connected to other components in the architecture.

We have seen how to create a Simulink Model from an Architecture Component and how to link an existing Simulink Model to an Architecture

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