What Is MATLAB Compiler?

MATLAB Compiler lets you share MATLAB programs as standalone applications, Excel add-ins, and Hadoop packages. You can share these applications and add-ins royalty-free with users who may not otherwise need to use MATLAB.

MATLAB apps are provided to guide you through the packaging workflow and create single installers you can share. You only need to pick the main MATLAB function in these apps, and click on the package button to create an installer file. Your MATLAB programs are strongly encrypted in these files, so your intellectual property remains protected.

Adding MATLAB Compiler SDK™ with the compiler expands your capabilities to package MATLAB programs into software components for integration with other programming languages like C and C++, Java, and .NET. These applications use the MATLAB Runtime, a set of shared libraries that enables the execution of compiled applications and components. Large-scale deployment of MATLAB analytics within enterprise applications is supported through MATLAB Production Server™.

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Recorded: 6 Mar 2015