Software Development

Build and support our products.

Build and support our products, tools, and business applications. Our engineering teams build world-class software for technical and scientific domains ranging from control design to financial applications, data analytics, signal processing, and embedded systems.

These solutions need to run on desktop, web, cloud, and mobile platforms. Specialized teams also build business tools to run the company.

We are looking for experienced professionals as well as recent grads with strong skills in algorithm development, compiler implementation, app design, data analytics, or computational math to join the software development teams.

Meet the Software Development Teams

Develop World-Class Software

  • Design and develop software for MATLAB and Simulink and over 130 other products.
  • Create advanced computing features for data analysis, parallel computing, signal processing, algorithm development, embedded systems, code generation, control design automation, and more.
  • Specialize in domains such as computation, modeling and simulation, image and video processing, compiler technology, visualization, data analytics, machine learning, and more.

Develop Web Applications and Services

  • Design and implement cutting-edge solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and mobile platforms.
  • Build and support our thriving online community where MATLAB and Simulink users pose challenging problems, get answers, and share knowledge.
  • Design and develop web services that deliver MathWorks products to customers worldwide.

Build Business Applications and Tools

  • Develop next-generation business applications and tools for MathWorks internal use.
  • Work on enterprise software applications for running the company.
  • Create web, mobile, desktop, and cloud computing applications.

Drive Continuous Improvement

  • Provide learning and training support for development teams.
  • Lead Lean process improvements throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Contribute to software projects from hands-on coding to testing and deployment.

Build Our Development Infrastructure

  • Design and code software for building, testing, and releasing MathWorks products.
  • Design tools and functionality to enable the worldwide development organization to focus on creating great software.
  • Specialize in domains such as compilers, web development, databases, globalization, and more.

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