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target Package

Manage target hardware information


Use these classes to manage target hardware information. For example, register new target hardware for code generation or set up target connectivity for processor-in-the-loop (PIL) simulations.


target.AddOnDescribe add-on properties for target feature class
target.AliasCreate alternative identifier for target feature object
target.APIDescribe API details
target.APIImplementationDescribe API implementation details
target.ApplicationExecutionToolCapture system command information to run application from MATLAB computer
target.BoardProvide hardware board details
target.CommandCapture system command for execution on MATLAB computer
target.BuildDependenciesDescribe C and C++ build dependencies to associate with target hardware
target.CommunicationChannelDescribe communication channel properties
target.CommunicationInterfaceDescribe data I/O details for target hardware
target.CommunicationProtocolStackDescribe communication protocol parameters
target.ConnectionBase class for target connection properties
target.ConnectionPropertiesDescribe target-specific connection properties
target.FunctionProvide function signature information
target.HostProcessExecutionToolCapture system command information to run target application from MATLAB computer
target.LanguageImplementationProvide C and C++ compiler implementation details
target.MainFunctionProvide C and C++ dependencies for main function of target hardware application
target.ObjectBase class for target feature classes
target.PILProtocolDescribe PIL protocol implementation for target hardware
target.PortConnectionDescribe target connection port
target.ProcessorProvide target processor information
target.RS232ChannelDescribe serial communication channel
target.SystemCommandExecutionToolCapture system command information to run target application from MATLAB computer
target.TargetConnectionProvide details about connecting MATLAB computer to target hardware
target.TCPChannelDescribe TCP communication properties
target.TimerProvide timer details for processor
target.UDPChannelDescribe UDP communication


target.addAdd target feature object to MATLAB memory
target.createCreate target feature object
target.exportExport target feature data
target.getRetrieve target feature objects from MATLAB memory
target.removeRemove target feature object from MATLAB memory
target.upgradeUpgrade existing definitions of hardware devices
Introduced in R2019a