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Frequency-Response Models

Frequency-response models obtained using spectral analysis


System IdentificationIdentify models of dynamic systems from measured data

Live Editor Tasks

Estimate Spectral ModelEstimate spectral model using time-domain data in the Live Editor (Since R2021b)


etfeEstimate empirical transfer functions and periodograms
spaEstimate frequency response with fixed frequency resolution using spectral analysis
spafdrEstimate frequency response and spectrum using spectral analysis with frequency-dependent resolution
idfrdFrequency response data or model
getpvecObtain model parameters and associated uncertainty data
setpvecModify values of model parameters
bodeBode plot of frequency response, or magnitude and phase data
bodemag Magnitude-only Bode plot of frequency response
freqrespEvaluate system response over a grid of frequencies
chgFreqUnitChange frequency units of frequency-response data model

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