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Message Indicator Icons in SimBiology Model Builder

The SimBiology Model Builder app uses contextual icons to provide more information about model components in the browser tables and blocks in the Diagram tab. For instance, in a model diagram, an icon is displayed above a reaction block if it has an error: .

For more information, pause on an icon. The following table has the complete list of contextual icons and corresponding areas where they are displayed.

IconDescriptionDiagramBrowser Table

Block has an error.χ

Block has a warning or is not being used in a model.χ

Block is pinned to its current location in the model diagram.χ

Value of species, parameter, or compartment is set to be constant. In other words, the Constant property of the species, parameter, or compartment block is set to true.

Species block has the BoundaryCondition property set to true.

Species block is cloned.χ

Reaction block has the Reversible property set to true.χ

Reaction or rule or event has the Active property set to false, which means that it does not participate in the model simulation.✓ (for reaction and rule block)✓ (for reaction, rule, or event)


Reaction-scoped parameter shadows (i.e., takes precedence over) a model-scoped parameter. The up arrow icon indicates the parameter that shadows. The down arrow icon indicates the parameter that is being shadowed. χ

Value property of species, parameter, or compartment is defined by an assignment rule.

Species value is being increased by one or more doses. You must select the desired doses in a program to see the dosing effects.

Species, parameter, or compartment value is being modified by an event or dose.

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