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Class that represents an element in the signal interface


The systemcomposer.interface.Dictionary class represents the interface dictionary of an architecture model.


Create a dictionary.

dict_id = systemcomposer.createDictionary('NewDictionary');


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Interfaces defined in dictionary, returned as an array of systemcomposer.interface.SignalInterface objects.

Universal unique identifier for an interface dictionary, returned as a character vector.

Example: '91d5de2c-b14c-4c76-a5d6-5dd0037c52df'

Data Types: char

Object Functions

addInterfaceCreate named interface in interface dictionary
saveSave the architecture model or data dictionary
applyProfileApply profile to a model
removeProfileRemove profile from model
removeInterfaceRemove named interface from interface dictionary
getInterfaceGet object for named interface in interface dictionary
getInterfaceNamesGet names of all interfaces in interface dictionary
destroyRemove and destroy model element
Introduced in R2019a