Multi-dimensional arrays indexing for an embedded matlab function in simulink

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Quick Baground: This is an embedded MATLAB function for simulink in which it takes the elements Base Image(An image containing 3 objects), Count(Number of Objects), BBox(Coordinates of Box surrounding each object). Then uses this to create 3 different images in which in each one one of the 3 different objects is blacked out by the Bbox.(NOTE: This algorithim needs to be somewhat versatile so the number of images regardless of the count needs to be stored in one final image) So here is the base code:
function images = fcn(boxes,c,baseimage)
persistent h;
if isempty(h)
h = vision.ShapeInserter('Fill',true,'Opacity',1.0);%Systems object to black out objects
count = c(:,1);
image = baseimage(:,:,1);
dim = size(baseimage);
x = dim(1,1);
y = dim(1,2);
images = zeros(x , y);
for g = 1:count
Pts = rot90(boxes(:,g));%Rotate by 90 to meet input parameters for step function%
images(:,:,g) = step(h, image, Pts);%This is the step I have problem with described below in which the seperate images are blacked out and stored%
The Problem: That everytime I run the following code it goes into a debugging mode. No matter what I try I can't find away to take the 3 separate images and index them into one. The issue most likely resides with Simulink because the algorithm runs fine in just MATLAB. The solution doesn't have to be limited to just multi-dimensional arrays but anything that allows me to store my images and import them.

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Accepted Answer

Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov on 26 Jul 2011
Please try replacing
> images = zeros(x,y);
> images = zeros(x,y,count);
Embedded MATLAB function block does not support growing arrays on assignment. Basically, if you want to have a 3-D array of x-by-y-by-count elements in the end, you have to allocate it as such at the beginning.
Let me know if the above fix does not work for you.
Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 27 Jul 2011
That error message indicates something else. Right click the signal labeled as 'images', select 'signal properties', uncheck the option 'signal must resolved to workspace object'.

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Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov on 27 Jul 2011
Hi David-Linus,
As Fangjun said, these look like two different issues. Can you show me your model so I can see the problem?
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David-Linus Hamann
David-Linus Hamann on 27 Jul 2011
Thank you for your time your top solution worked to a degree all I needed to do was the change the settings for variable-sized functions from array's to structures with time in the Data Import/Export Pane thank you for your help.

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