Definition and Control of Variables via the Simulink Dashboard

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I am rather confused as to how to properly utiilze model variables with respect to simulink models. Is the ony way to define and/or control the value of said variables through the Model Explorer? If so, that seems rather limiting.
I've been looking for a way to define variables directly on the model "dashboard " area, with signal values, outputs, etc... as well as with manual blocks like the "slider," "edit," "knob," and other such blocks. The purpose of which would be to more easily edit various parameters throughout the model, as well as help deal with signals that may have variable dimensions.
As a side note, I was also wondering if there was a multi-output switch, either manual or otherwise. I have made use of the "manual switch" and "switch" but these blocks are irreversible, only allowing signal to flow from the two-input side to the one-input side. (correct?) I'd love an easier way to manually or logically toggle between multiple outputs for example.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 15 Jul 2022
Not sure if you are aware of the differences. The blocks in Dashboard are used to control parameter values and display signal values during simulation. The other case is to edit the parameters before or after the simulation. That can be done through Model Explorer, model data editor, workspace editor, data dictionary, API, etc.
There is a block called Multiport Switch.


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