How to list all blocks that "InitialOutput" parameter is accessible in their "block parameter" interface?

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In function of their use, some blocks need or not to have parameter fields fill. For example, "Outport" blocks, according to their use, have the parameter "Initial output" available or not in their Block Parameter interface :
Using Simulink API, I would likle to list all blocks that have "Initial output" needed (I mean accessible in their block parameter inteface), how can I do it?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 5 Oct 2022
If you look at the help document of the Outport block, it says the "Initial Output" property is valid when the Outport block is inside a "Conditionally Executed Subsystems (wihch include Enabled Subsystem, Triggered Subsystem, Enabled and Triggered Subsystem, Function-Call subsystem)
Also, the property is valid only when "Source of initial output value" is set to "Dialog".
Based on the above two constraints, I think you can use find_system() to find the blocks.

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