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I am trying to use evalfunction but are having a hard time:
>> plots=[3 4 6 1]
plots =
3 4 6 1
>> whatplot=input('type type of graph: ','s')
type type of graph: bar
whatplot =
>> eval(whatplot(plots))
??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
why wont it evaluate it to a graph with bars?

Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 21 Oct 2011
Your call to input() returns the string bar in whatplot
but whatplot(plots) is not a string.
eval([whatplot '(plots)'])
Jan on 22 Oct 2011
Bad book. Evil EVAL.

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Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 21 Oct 2011
I think feval would be a better option here. It is a safer than eval, and it easily accommodates passing input arguments:
feval( whatplot, plots )
Tor Fredrik Hove
Tor Fredrik Hove on 21 Oct 2011
it is part of curriculum unfortunately:) If not I would have:)

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 21 Oct 2011
plots=[3 4 6 1];
whatplot = 'bar';
eval([whatplot '(plots)'])
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Wayne King
Wayne King on 21 Oct 2011
also, see the comments by other posters above.

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