generating every possible trajectory in a workspace

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Denizhan AKINCI
Denizhan AKINCI el 27 de Feb. de 2024
Comentada: Denizhan AKINCI el 28 de Feb. de 2024
Hey everyone, is it possible to generate every possible trajectory in matlab/simulink for a 6 axis robotic arm in a given workspace? If so, how could you please help me ?
I checked the manipulatorStateSpace but didn't seem like what I was looking for (correct me if I was wrong).

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico el 27 de Feb. de 2024
Um, no. There are infinitely many possible trajectories, if we consider the variables as continuous. But even if all variables were considered as discrete variables, a 6 dimensional parameter space is a massive thing. So even if you could generate all possible trajectories, you would not want to do so, nor would you have the memory to generate and store them all, or the CPU time to do so.
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Denizhan AKINCI
Denizhan AKINCI el 28 de Feb. de 2024
Agreed, it seems like a promising idea. I should also subtract the area where collision objects are located, right? This way, we can effectively observe the reachable workspace with the objects surrounding the robot. I currently don't know how to do it but I am sure I can figure it out !

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