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Convolutional LSTM (C-LSTM) in MATLAB

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Jake on 9 Oct 2018
Commented: ytzhak goussha on 23 Feb 2021
I'd like to train a convolutional neural network with an LSTM layer on the end of it. Similar to what was done in:
Is this possible?

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Shounak Mitra
Shounak Mitra on 9 Oct 2018
Hi Jake,
Unfortunately, we do not directly support C-LSTM. We are working on it and it should be available soon.
-- Shounak
Girish Tiwari
Girish Tiwari on 15 Feb 2021
Hi Shounak,
Any update on C-LSTM in matlab 2021a?

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Yi Wei
Yi Wei on 17 Dec 2019
Hi, can matlab support C-LSTM now?
ytzhak goussha
ytzhak goussha on 23 Feb 2021
Sorry I didn't follow this thread and didn't see the questions.
Here is a simplified C-LSTM network.
The input it a 4D image (height x width x channgle x time)
The input type is sqeuntial.
When you need to put CNN segments, you simply unfold->CNN->Fold->flatten and feed to LSTM layer.

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