How can I access to the Model Workspace from my Simulink file from a Matlab function block

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Pablo Díez
Pablo Díez on 20 Mar 2020
Edited: Dimuthu Arachchige on 6 Jun 2022
I have created a function in a .m file which is used in a Matlab Function Block inside a Simulink model. There is a parameter that the .m function uses which is created in the Model Workspace, since it is impossible to connect that variable to a constant block, how can I access to the Model Workspace to extract the variable I want for my .m function?
Dimuthu Arachchige
Dimuthu Arachchige on 6 Jun 2022
getVariable is not identified in the Matlab function block in simulink. Also the workspace varible. How to solve these issues?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 6 Jun 2022
In the MATLAB Function block, click "edit data", add a data "MyVar", specify it as a "parameter" of the MATLAB Function block.
In the Simulink model's "Model Workspace", make sure there is a variable called "MyVar", then you are all set.
For a Simulink model parameter, it always looks for it first in the "Model Workspae" and then the "base workspace".
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Dimuthu Arachchige
Dimuthu Arachchige on 6 Jun 2022
Can we define a structure variable as a parameter? Because I am trying to read the stereoParameters for image rectification and it is not a scalar. I tried to define the structure varible as you suggested, but got an error.
Model Error:
Expression 'stereoParams' for initial value of data 'stereoParams' must evaluate to logical or supported numeric type.

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