What is the difference between MATLAB Web App Server (R2020a new toolbox) and MATLAB Web App Server (in matlab compiler)?

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According to the documentation, I have never understood the difference between the two. To deploy a web app, do I only need to install one of them? Another question is why I installed "MATLAB Web App Server (R2020a new toolbox)" but the documentation of this toolbox is not shown in the help documentation?
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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 30 Mar 2020
You will need to purchase the new toolbox.
If I understood correctly the bundled web app server with compiler is only for testing your web apps in a development environment. The warning from matlab states :
The development version of MATLAB® Web App Server™ must be installed in a trusted
intranet environment on dedicated hardware. The only purpose of the physical or
virtual machine where the server is installed must be to host web apps
that connect to the server. The server must never be exposed to the open Internet.
For more information, see MATLAB Web App Server Security.

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Suresh Balakrishnama
Suresh Balakrishnama on 6 Aug 2020
Here are the differences between two version of MATLAB Web App Server:
The verison included in MATLAB Compiler can be used for development and deployment in production but if you are looking for capabiliies such as authentication and making web apps accessible to users beyond 32 then you will need a license of MATLAB Web App Server. I hope this helps. Feel free to get in touch if you have more questions.

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