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Simulink HDL coder Results compare

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Pham Van Dung
Pham Van Dung on 9 Apr 2013
Commented: Pham Van Dung on 2 Nov 2020
Dear my friend,
I have a simulink subsystem that have one Gain block inside. I used HDL Simulink Coder to convert to verilog code. After that, i continue use modelsim to simulation it, but i get a different result. Any one can give me some experiment about this problem!
Thanks in advance!
Pham Van Dung


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Pham Van Dung
Pham Van Dung on 10 Apr 2013
Sorry! Where can i find technical support? I already read about the HDL coder's support for simulink. It's already have in HDL library.
Thanks so much for this comment!
Pham Van Dung
Pham Van Dung on 2 Nov 2020
Thank you for your reply,
Finally, I got my answer after 7 years :D

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