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FLOPs of DAG neural network

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Hi, everyone. Is there any way to measure the FLOPs or computational complexity of DAG neural network or functions? I tried to statistic the excution time then calculate the FLOPs by profile roughly, but I think DAG is based on C++ or accelerated, therefore, the result of FLOPs is not trustable? Any suggestion?

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David Willingham
David Willingham on 26 May 2021
Hi Dianxin,
FLOPs is a performance measure that's not typically used for Deep Learning. Performance can be measured in many ways, here's a list of some:
Throughput - E.g. Predictions per sec
Training Time - E.g. Time to reach x% of validation accuracy
Memory - E.g. How many MB of the network based on the weights
Power - E.g. For embedded devices, how much energy is required to make a prediction

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