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Generate DLL from Simulink model

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PEF on 5 Oct 2013
Commented: Rasmus Visgaard on 24 Mar 2021 at 9:36
Hallo everybody,
I am about to start working on an interface between Simulink modules and GH BLADED, software tailored to simulate the dynamic behavior of wind turbines. Within Simulink, I plan to develop some control strategies. This control model should be then ported as DLL to BLADED and actually command the reaction of the turbine to external inputs.
I'd appreciate knowing if any of you may address me to the easier procedure to generate DLL out of a Simulink model. At the time of writing, I do not have a clear idea about the best way to go.
Perhaps, it would be an option to generate a .tlc file, suited only for BLADED, exactly as it happens with LabView (but LabView already supports such a tlc file, BLADED so far does not).
I really thank you in advance for considering my request.
Kindest regards, FPe
Sven Wolf
Sven Wolf on 24 Nov 2020
I have the same question just from Simulink to PSCAD
I am working in an Institute where we developed a Simulink and a PSCAD model for our electric research topic(both models are similar, just realised in different softwares).
But now we had the idea, that we will use Simulink to calculate our Electric-Controls, but all the other physics we want to do in PSCAD.
Our idea was, that we will generate a DLL-file of our Control-System in Simulink and link it in PSCAD.
But we dont really know how we have to do that. So we have some question, that would really help us:
Is it even possible to calculate some parts of the model in Simulink and link them via DLL-files into PSCAD where all the other calculations take place?
What are the configurations, that we have to do in Simulink first in order to link the DLL-files later into PSCAD? We know roughly how to generate DLL-files from our Simulink-Model, but we have doubts that this configurations, that we have to do for that are enough for later linking it with PSCAD
(how we generate DLL-files in Simulink:
1. selecting "ert_shrlib.tlc" as System Target File
2. and then we just build the model and it generates the c-files and the h-
files and also one dll-file(if its necessary: we also have the Embedded-
Coder license for Simulink)
IS THIS THE RIGHT WAY?! Maybe you know that better)
If the way we generate DLL-files, that we described in 2.) is right, what parts of the generated code is important for the linking in PSCAD? Is it only the DLL-file, or do whe also have to link all the c-files and h-files?
You would really help us with that quetions.
If we can solve the upper questions our next question would be, what and how we are allowed to change the Simulink-Model or the PSCAD-Model while using the DLL in both Proramms? What are the limitations there and after what we have to always update the DLL-file? Maybe this is done automatically?
Thank you very much!
Kind regards
Sven Wolf

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Accepted Answer

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 7 Oct 2013
You can use ert_shrlib.tlc if you have the Embedded Coder product to generate generic DLLs from your Simulink model. The relevant documentation is here: Shared Object Libraries.
Sameer Gadekar
Sameer Gadekar on 20 Jan 2021
@Tusharkumar Jivani Are you able to find solution for this ? Can you please share your solution ?

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Ivo Houtzager
Ivo Houtzager on 11 Aug 2020
There is a Simulink controller design example to create DLL for GH Bladed and OpenFAST in github, see
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Rasmus Visgaard
Rasmus Visgaard on 24 Mar 2021 at 9:36
Hi Ivo, thanks for the link. This seems to be tailored for an earlier version of Bladed. Are you aware if something has been made for later vesions of Bladed such as v4.10?

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