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C2000 hardware interrupt
Hi Mark, In the example, when you send data to SPI transmit block, the data continuously shifts of the transmit register. Th...

alrededor de 1 año ago | 1

C2000 CLA trigger using ADCINT source
Hi Zak, Please set the properties of the signal at ADC output to Cla1DataRam memory so that the variable is created in cla. ...

más de 1 año ago | 1

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Flash programming TI LAUNCHXL-F28379D
Hi Marco, Can you provide the version of MATLAB and Code Composer Studio you are using? Thanks, Aditya

más de 2 años ago | 0

Sending an integer from one F28379D board to another F28379D board using SCI
Hi Christos, Which board are you using? ControlCard or LaunchPad? For ControlCard External mode uses SCI_A module with GPI...

casi 3 años ago | 0

SPI receive block on F28335 connect with Arduino Nano timeout error
Hi Jirada, You need to ensure the SPI clock mode match properly between Arduino Nano and F28335. For example, * If you ...

más de 3 años ago | 0

How to configure TMS320f28379D launchpad?
Hi, The maximum voltage that you can use as input should be limited to 3.3V. If the voltage is greater than 3.3V it may damag...

más de 3 años ago | 0

SPI receive - TI LAUNCHXL-F28379D
Hi Oleg, Please use the latest update of the support package - "18.1.2" (in the MATLAB main window go to Add-Ons --> Check fo...

más de 3 años ago | 0

Unable to read data from the MPU6050 with TI C2000 f28379d & Simulink
Hi Tommaso, I have attached the 17a model for the MPU-9150 present on BOOSTXL_SENSHUB attached to F28379D LaunchPad based on ...

más de 3 años ago | 0

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I can't use SPI on F28M36 concerto C2000
Hi, The SPI SIMO and CLK pins should have values at the pins even though you are not reading the SOMI data using SPI Receive....

casi 4 años ago | 0

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Hi Jed, Did you look at the updated I2C examples shipped in R2017a

alrededor de 4 años ago | 0

Unable to use eCAP4 to eCAP6 on TMS320F28377S
Hi, Thanks for pointing out the issue. This issue has been fixed and updated in the latest support package release. -Adity...

más de 4 años ago | 0