Instrument Control Toolbox

MATLAB Instrument Drivers

Simplify Your Test Program

To simplify programming of instruments, Instrument Control Toolbox enables you to use two types of MATLAB instrument drivers:

  • Native MATLAB
  • MATLAB instrument drivers derived from IVI-C, IVI-COM, or VXIplug&play

Native MATLAB instrument drivers were created in MATLAB using Instrument Control Toolbox and do not require the installation of additional drivers. These instrument drivers are cross platform and will work on Windows, Linux, or Mac. MATLAB instrument drivers can also be derived from industry-standard instrument drivers such as:

To use industry standard instrument drivers in MATLAB, you first install the IVI-C, IVI-COM or VXIplug&play driver and then you convert (wrap) the driver to a MATLAB instrument driver using the makemid command from Instrument Control Toolbox. Some newer IVI-COM instrument drivers will work in MATLAB without conversion.