Bug Fixes in R2024b Prerelease

The following software and documentation bugs are considered resolved in the prerelease. The bugs listed below may be of interest to customers, based on general use of our products. Return to this page for future updates.

Available in R2024b Prerelease, Update 1

Product Record Bug Summary
Aerospace Toolbox 3307758 linear matrices from linearize and staticStability methods on imported jsbsim aircraft has all zeros
MATLAB Coder 3319956 Runtime recursion in CGI interpreter overwrites call output causing answer mismatch
Parallel Computing Toolbox 3312951 Ctrl-C during MJS large data transfer hangs
Simulink Coder 3290674 DownstreamBoundaryLocator unable handle element wise data transfer for muxed signals
Simulink Data Management 3279320 Saving the top level SLDD dirties the reference SLDDs
Simulink Design Verifier 3299312 Reuse Translation : sldvData Abstract blocks has no blocks corresponding to stubbed blocks with reuse translation
Simulink Subsystems and Models 3322083 coder.internal.fmuexport.getSetFMUSetting is not resolved when exporting tool-coupling FMU
System Composer 3298963 [ReportGen] Stereotypes not reported properly when there are multiple profiles
Wireless Testbench 3317720 Single row graph causes error in rfnocGraphHelper: Dimensions of arrays being concatenated are not consistent.

Available in R2024b Prerelease

Product Record Bug Summary
Aerospace Blockset 3074181 Initial condition parameters in some Aerospace Blockset blocks not tunable in generated code
Aerospace Toolbox 3059330 Specifying a timetable or timeseries in Satellite Scenario pointAt method results in an error if the step size of the data is less than 1e-12 seconds
Aerospace Toolbox 3118078 "The 2008 geopotential model is not available on the MATLAB path" error
Aerospace Toolbox 3221830 When assigning satelliteScenario StartTime and/or StopTime using datetime objects with "Format" Name-Value argument specified, an error will be thrown when trying to add satellites.
Audio Toolbox 3159653 Audio plugin generation fails to build plugins generated using Xcode 15
Audio Toolbox 3259312 Audio Toolbox Interface for SpeechBrain and Torchaudio Libraries is missing required files after installing the support package
AUTOSAR Blockset 3213201 "Failed to obtain property SwImplPolicy" error when working with AUTOSAR models or dictionaries with AUTOSAR platform mapping
AUTOSAR Blockset 3253643 Generated code for AUTOSAR adaptive model that is configured to use dynamic discovery might result in application crash
Bioinformatics Toolbox 3219201 Genomics Viewer app fails to open
C2000 Microcontroller Blockset 3083605

Interprocess Data Read/Write blocks with channel 0 interrupt does not work in C2000 Microcontroller Blockset

C2000 Microcontroller Blockset 3218796 'C28x Hardware Interrupt' block fails to trigger the CLA end-of-task interrupt unless the CLA Task block trigger source is set to Software
C2000 Microcontroller Blockset 3219442 CMPSS block causes build failure in F28001x
C2000 Microcontroller Blockset 3231430 Failure to receive messages on CAN blocks when the model runs on 'XCP on CAN' external mode using the same CAN module
C2000 Microcontroller Blockset 3236783

Interprocess Data Read block does not work with c28xCPU1 in C2000 Microcontroller Blockset

DDS Blockset 3134661 Generated DDS executable might drop messages associated with onDataAvailable input event
Deep Learning HDL Toolbox 3153875

Incorrect code generation for a network with two output maxpool or unpool layers

Deep Learning HDL Toolbox 3185835

Low 'FeatureSizeLimit' setting can cause incorrect hardware output results

Deep Learning Toolbox 3156595 crossentropy, huber, l1loss, and l2loss return incorrect values for masked loss
DO Qualification Kit 3142128 Missing operational requirement in the Polyspace Code Prover traceability matrix
DO Qualification Kit 3163100 Test case IDs in the Simulink Test trace matrix do not match the IDs provided in the title for the test case in Test Manager
DO Qualification Kit 3176040 Trace matrix for Simulink model comparison incorrectly references script hRptEvalXMLQualkit.m
DO Qualification Kit 3176210 Simulink Design Verifier qualification tests do not cover 'SLDV_DL_FOR' and the TOR includes unnecessary operational requirements
DO Qualification Kit 3238179 Potential false-negative result in the Simulink Model Comparison qualification report
DO Qualification Kit 3291522
Simulink Test Qualification kit fails on Linux for test case tCov7
DO Qualification Kit 3294193 The Simulink Check qualification kit sporadically fails for test case SLCHK_HI_Q097 qualifying model advisor check mathworks.hism.hisl_0073
DSP System Toolbox 3202592 Spectrum Analyzer with dBFS SpectrumUnits might crash MATLAB
DSP System Toolbox 3275462 timescope with MATLAB compiler does not provide meaningful error message if an invalid property value is provided
Embedded Coder 2922325 When using during-execution or outside-execution service interfaces, resolving an Inport block output signal or an Outport block to a Simulink.Signal object overrides the corresponding sender or receiver mapping
Embedded Coder 3049466 Incorrect Model block SIL or PIL simulation results when Initialize Function block is triggered at non-zero time and Code interface is 'Top model'
Embedded Coder 3148707 AUTOSAR software component with provide-require port (PRPort) can produce mismatch between model and SIL/PIL simulation results
Embedded Coder 3152840 Incorrect Model block SIL or PIL simulation results when model_initialize function invoked at non-zero time
Embedded Coder 3158515 Code generation error occurs when Simulink model with Remove internal data zero initialization option enabled is using Simulink global signal object with non-empty initialization
Embedded Coder 3159654 When it generates large constants in deep learning models, code view cannot load and present the contents.
Embedded Coder 3173434 Incorrect simulation results when noninlined Stateflow Chart block drives noninlined scoped Reinitialize Function block in a model set to simulate in different simulation modes
Embedded Coder 3179784 Generated code might contain MISRA C:2012 Rule 10.1 violations
Embedded Coder 3182942 Generated code might not initialize global variables that represent outputs of reusable subsystems
Embedded Coder 3188825 MATLAB crashes during build when a Simulink model having bus element ports uses a bus object with symbolic dimensions.
Embedded Coder 3189961 Incorrect Model block SIL or PIL simulation results when using SimulationInput objects to modify tunable model workspace parameters
Embedded Coder 3195940 Inconsistent initial conditions for multi-instance subsystem output ports might produce incorrect results
Embedded Coder 3200640 ReuseModelBlockBuffer optimization might produce incorrect code when multiple inputs of a referenced model come from the same source
Embedded Coder 3202014 Out-of-bounds access in generated code for Byte Pack/Unpack
Embedded Coder 3207008 Incorrect generated code when the output buffer of a variant source connected to ground block gets reused with other parts of the model
Embedded Coder 3217789 Incorrect results might occur for Assignment blocks use Starting index (dialog) as the Index Option
Embedded Coder 3245722 Generated code for a global Simulink Function block might not contain #include statements for custom header files
Embedded Coder 3262665 Model block SIL/PIL build error when referenced model specifies multi-instance model referencing
Embedded Coder 3271434 Generated code for single-instance model reference with custom storage class might incorrectly declare root outport that is connected to a reusable subsystem
Embedded Coder 3274526 Incorrect output from bounded variable-sized bus element
Embedded Coder 3284610 Incorrect results after code replacement of row-major, non-element-wise functions with 1-D column vector inputs
Fixed-Point Designer 3223444 User-specified globalfimath properties are ignored when using cast like to convert a non-fi object to a fi object in interpreted execution
Fixed-Point Designer 3274031 Wrong answer for Real and Complex Partial-Systolic Matrix Solve Using QR Decomposition blocks for certain word length and matrix dimension combinations
GPU Coder 3205189 Array indexing with repeated values might be incorrectly parallelized
GPU Coder 3211718 for-loop accesses the global variable inside a sub-function
HDL Coder 2529091 There is a simulation mismatch between the Simulink output and the HDL code output for the Delay block containing Enable and Reset ports whose Delay length Source is set to 'Dialog'.
HDL Coder 3114130 HDL code generation throws an internal error when the Variant Subsystem has trigger or enable ports.
HDL Coder 3117047 HDL Coder may generate incorrect code if a virtual bus with a varying element order is connected within model references
HDL Coder 3134383 Conditional assignments in generated code might get incorrect values during initial RAM mapping cycles
HDL Coder 3147335 FloatingPointTargetConfig object accepts invalid property value and cause downstream failure in HDL Workflow Advisor.
HDL Coder 3152556

HDL Coder does not realize DUT ports for tunable parameters declared in the model workspace.  

HDL Coder 3155697 Clock-rate pipelining with hierarchical feedback loops may result in assertion during HDL code generation
HDL Coder 3158459 Reciprocal block with ShifAdd architecture might have simulation mismatch when output data type is having negative fractional length
HDL Coder 3164565 Disabling floating-point configuration using command-line interface may trigger a segv error when using makehdl()
HDL Coder 3172763
Incorrect HDL code is generated for Gain block that has the vector input, but the input vector orientation is not aligned with the gain factor.

HDL Coder 3176370 HDL Coder may generate incorrect code when a reused subsystem in a feedback loop introduces more latency than the available latency budget in the loop
HDL Coder 3179155 HDL Coder / HDL Operations blocks Serializer1D and Deserializer1D show incorrect block descriptions in HDL Block Properties dialog box
HDL Coder 3179213 HDL code generation throws an internal error when the control port of the Multiport Switch block has an array input with a word length greater than 64 bits.
HDL Coder 3180378 Constant folding error for the Fcn block when using Simulink.Parameter object in the block expression.
HDL Coder 3193427

Assertion error during HDL code generation when you change Target workflow from IP Core Generation to Generic ASIC/FPGA  

HDL Coder 3203542 Incorrect FPGA programming for AXI4-Stream reference design on Xilinx Versal AI Core Series VCK190 Evaluation Kit
HDL Coder 3207971 Generated HDL code may fail to compile based on the ordering of the persistent variable initialization
HDL Coder 3210657 ForEach Subsystem configured with Mask Parameter might result in internal assertion.
HDL Coder 3212019 importhdl function may fail to execute when processing a large number of input Verilog files. 
HDL Coder 3225823

Generated model might be incorrect when you use the Tapped Delay Enabled Synchronous block parallel to the HDL FIFO block.  

HDL Coder 3229691 Incorrect generated HDL code from hdl.iteratorfun when inputs are processed as column-major
HDL Coder 3236114 Intel Hard Floating Point Mapping Failure for Data Type Conversion (DTC) block with integer ports.
HDL Coder 3243612 HDL Coder crashes when generating code from For Each Subsystem with test point signal
HDL Coder 3244822 HDL code generation of Discrete Transfer Fcn throws an error when the first Denominator parameter value is equal to one.
HDL Coder 3245082 Direct Lookup Table (n-D) block with InputsSelectThisObjectFromTable set to Vector or 2-D Matrix is incorrectly considered for streaming optimization
HDL Coder 3283193 Create project task may fail during IP core generation when the Target Platform is ZedBoard
Image Acquisition Toolbox 2988516 Using cameras that have non-ASCII character property values might cause MATLAB to crash
Image Acquisition Toolbox 3241684 chunkDataInfo output table has incorrect variable name: Chunk Data
Instrument Control Toolbox 3166202 UDP Send block ignores UDP packet size parameter value
Instrument Control Toolbox 3190424 Wireless Waveform Generate App misdiagnoses missing IVI Compliance Package as an issue with the NI-RFSG driver
MATLAB 2507804 MATLAB system function executes startup scripts for tcsh shell on each execution (Linux and macOS)
MATLAB 2831813 MATLAB might crash when disconnecting external monitor
MATLAB 3008027 Unable to view documentation in Help browser when accessing internet with proxy servers
MATLAB 3114312 Warning displays in the Command Window after clicking the Request Support button on the MATLAB Home tab
MATLAB 3118732 MATLAB errors for multi-level assignment into properties of handle classes with private set access.
MATLAB 3137229
Computing the LU decomposition of a sparse matrix twice in a row on Apple Silicon might not return the same answers
MATLAB 3147076

Setting the Exponent property on an axes ruler to a negative integer value displays a large positive integer-valued exponent

MATLAB 3155437 Comparison Tool throws an error when selecting MLAPP files to compare
MATLAB 3161712 License Manager Error 4402 "Missing root element in response"
MATLAB 3164120 Some icons are missing from deployed apps
MATLAB 3165531 Floating-point results mismatch when using Xcode 14.3 or later toolchain on Mac with Apple Silicon
MATLAB 3167205 MATLAB might crash when running codeIssues or the Code Analyzer Report
MATLAB 3167643 Frequently setting UI component properties might crash or stall long-running apps
MATLAB 3169039 Searching for text in the Comparison Tool might cause MATLAB to crash
MATLAB 3173637 Incorrect label Interpreter value when loading .mlapp and .mat files
MATLAB 3179487 Multithreaded LU decomposition of a dense matrix on Apple Silicon can return wrong answers
MATLAB 3181886 MATLAB crashes when using the axes toolbar in certain figures and apps
MATLAB 3192810
jsonencode incorrectly encodes elements that are equal to -realmax('single')
MATLAB 3203532 Call to functions such as invoke for a COM object might return error
MATLAB 3242549 Missing reference lines and filled regions in yyaxis plots
MATLAB 3242858 Error calling methods or methodsview functions on COM objects
MATLAB 3246389 resize function pads with incorrect fill values for tables
MATLAB 3249430 Unable to use MATLAB HDF4 import/export functionality on Apple Silicon machines
MATLAB 3256840 Assigning into an object with dynamic properties using multiple levels of indexing starting with parentheses and followed by dot throws an error.
MATLAB 3259743 Cannot create new project from Experiment Manager in Windows
MATLAB 3260603 MATLAB crashes at startup with message: AsyncStream not terminated correctly
MATLAB 3265437 Assigning an enum value to a COM enum property might result in the Type mismatch error
MATLAB 3266626 A COM enum value from a COM object might be converted to an empty char array
MATLAB 3285907 Accessing a COM object returned from another COM object might cause crash
MATLAB 3285927
Memory leak in MATLAB when creating Python DataFrames from MATLAB table
MATLAB Coder 2965909 Concatenation expression that combines cell arrays and non-cell arrays
MATLAB Coder 3140463 C Function blocks with sizeof operators might cause MATLAB to crash
MATLAB Coder 3147181 Absence of 'Index exceeds array dimensions' error in generated MEX functions
MATLAB Coder 3159524 Call to dlarray method softmax that includes 'DataFormat' name-value argument
MATLAB Coder 3167664 Calling properties function with string input produces an empty array
MATLAB Coder 3186649 MATLAB might crash with CG::Pst::Pst or pir::ConformanceCheck::checkForUnsupportedFunctionsByPath in the stack trace during code generation
MATLAB Coder 3202247 Generic C/C++ code for a network that contains scaling layers
MATLAB Coder 3203144 Code generation might fail when subscripts to arrays with colon expressions are in control branches that do not get executed
MATLAB Coder 3219687 MATLAB might crash when generating code for infinite while-loops inside of for-loops
MATLAB Coder 3237580 Calling generated C/C++ entry-point function might modify variables in caller's scope
MATLAB Coder 3249502 Incorrect index out of bounds might occur in MEX code with SIMD instructions
MATLAB Coder 3254689 Code generation fails when invoking the sign function on a logical dlarray object
MATLAB Coder 3255198 Run-time recursive function with compile-time constant outputs
MATLAB Coder 3273332 Indexing into a matrix using another matrix in generated row-major code
MATLAB Coder 3280411 Calling a function that accesses property of constant property
MATLAB Report Generator 3240814 Deleting mlreportgen.dom.Template object without calling close method might crash MATLAB
Optimization Toolbox 3180465 fmincon for code generation has poor performance, appears stalled, or returns incorrect exitflag and lambda values
Optimization Toolbox 3304142 lsqcurvefit errors with option SpecifyObjectiveGradient set to true when solving a constrained problem
Parallel Computing Toolbox 3131147 MATLAB might stall when using thread-based pools on Windows machines with large number of cores
Parallel Computing Toolbox 3187300 Parallel pool might lose one or more workers while transferring large amounts of data between processes
Polyspace Access 3170788 Polyspace extension for Visual Studio shows no findings and an unexpected error
Polyspace Access 3185868 Polyspace Access UI might not correctly filter results that were generated with AGC mode on
Polyspace Bug Finder 3211159 Missing Diab system headers in generated polyspace project
Polyspace Code Prover 3223284 Unexpected gray (unreachable) code in main generator mode in presence of non-finite float variables
Polyspace Code Prover 3223284 Unexpected gray (unreachable) code in main generator mode in presence of non-finite float variables
Polyspace Code Prover 3277163 Polyspace Code Prover shows a false green "Illegally Dereferenced Pointer" check when a void* alias of a pointer is accessed after the original pointer is deallocated
Requirements Toolbox 3113292 Error Arrays have incompatible sizes for this operation when trying to clear change issue
Requirements Toolbox 3176080 Traceability Diagram does not show cleared change issues correctly
Requirements Toolbox 3187585 Verification status in Requirements Editor does not reflect test results of linked assessments if you use a MATLAB project.
Robotics System Toolbox 3154305 rigidBodyTree functions produce silent wrong answers or unexpected errors after using replaceJoint or replaceBody.
Signal Processing Toolbox 3269866 pwelch does not plot when given single-precision input
SimBiology 2990377 Some programs in SimBiology Model Analyzer generate an error when input data are results from another program with a "." in the program name
SimBiology 3228930 Calculate Observables program fails to run in SimBIology Model Analyzer
Simscape 3188422 Table data of model nominal values does not update after clicking OK or Apply in the dialog box
Simscape 3230477 Using nonscalar query points in table lookup may lead to wrong answer
Simscape Driveline 3162302 Vehicles at rest might start to move unexpectedly in models that use the Tire (Magic Formula) block or the Rolling Resistance block
Simscape Driveline 3218606 Longitudinal Vehicle block errors when the road slope port is hidden
Simscape Electrical 2897788 MATLAB might crash when simulating models with Discrete Variable Time Delay block
Simscape Electrical 3235035 Diode block does not model charge dynamics when modeling tabulated diodes
Simscape Electrical 3235227 Diode block incorrectly calculates charge dynamics when using peak reverse current and reverse recovery charge
Simscape Electrical 3238463 Half-Bridge (Ideal, Switching) block incorrectly uses Initial node temperatures, [T1,T2,...,Tn] parameter for diode Cauer thermal networks
Simscape Electrical 3247083 Code generated from models using Specialized Power Systems blocks might crash
Simscape Fluids 3149624 Counterbalance Valve (IL) block pre-parameterization might cause unexpected behavior
Simulink 2972879 Initialize Function block might not initialize some model states and result in incorrect simulation results
Simulink 3003317 MATLAB System block simulation output might be corrupt for messages with bus payloads
Simulink 3080205 Adding image Annotations or Notes to models with existing images may fail to save the image data inside the SLX file
Simulink 3088421 Variant Subsystems with conditionally executed variant choices in startup activation may cause incorrect sim or codegen initial output
Simulink 3104906 Simulation results might be incorrect when a Function Caller block inside an Initialization Function block calls a Simulink function defined using blocks with constant sample time
Simulink 3137690 Generated code is incorrect when a Parameter Writer block writes to a model workspace variable used by a Model block and any other built-in block with tunable parameters
Simulink 3150638

 programming language reserved identifier error when same int64 or uint64 alias used for Data Type Replacement and for block or signal output

Simulink 3151602 Referenced model with nonfunctional change is not recompiled when child model has functional change
Simulink 3160834 Unable to set the Simulink cache and code generation folders to the same location when using the Project API
Simulink 3161549 Importing and cancelling spreadsheet and MAT-file into Root Inport Mapper causes busy icon
Simulink 3161704

Running createInputDataset on model containing Simulink.Parameter with Unit property set causes warnings on command line

Simulink 3164667 Model block with initialize, reinitialize, reset, or terminate port produces incorrect simulation results in rapid accelerator mode
Simulink 3166498 Internal error during simulation on Apple silicon devices
Simulink 3169190 Signal Editor workflows break when converting signal data type to or from enumeration
Simulink 3169627 Selected Align > Toggle Snap to option not shown in Signal Editor context menu
Simulink 3174949 MATLAB crashes during real-time simulation with live-streaming signals
Simulink 3176387 Same referenced model instance inside and outside conditional subsystem might produce incorrect simulation results
Simulink 3177675 C Function block might produce parsing error during code generation with AUTOSAR or custom data type targets
Simulink 3180009 Rapid Accelerator simulation that uses runtime diagnostics might produce uncompilable C++ code
Simulink 3182061 Reinitialized triggered subsystem might generate incorrect code
Simulink 3182947 SIL and normal mode simulation results might not be the same when simulating export function models
Simulink 3184686 Simulink.LookupTable objects unable to share struct data type
Simulink 3187367 MATLAB crashes when using C99 designated initializers for a C Function block
Simulink 3188936 Protected model with tunable parameters might error when compiling
Simulink 3189773 Incorrect results from Variant Subsystem with output bus signal containing variable-size signals
Simulink 3194863 Simulink might produce a wrong answer in export-function models with function-call subsystems having multiple callers
Simulink 3195421

Model with For Iterator subsystem inside Terminate/Reinitialize Function block produces incorrect accelerator mode simulation results

Simulink 3196685 Signal property discrepancy unreported when implicit resolution is active
Simulink 3202063 Incomplete results after normal or accelerator mode simulation run using Simulation object if SimulationOutput property was queried during simulation
Simulink 3202166 Reusable subsystems with Interpolation using Prelookup blocks might generate inadequate code to protect interpolation
Simulink 3203107 Generated code is missing for a Hit Crossing block in rapid accelerator mode
Simulink 3205277 Simulink function not called when corresponding Function Caller block is inside Initialize Function block in referenced model
Simulink 3209797 Simulation result is incorrect when a model contains a Parameter Writer block that writes to bus type parameter and simulates in rapid accelerator mode
Simulink 3209877 Partition boundaries may be incorrectly set for root input ports when using the "Automatically handle rate transition for data transfer".
Simulink 3212010 Mismatch in rapid simulation and normal simulation with startup variant blocks containing conditional systems with initial outputs
Simulink 3214205 Simulink models with large numbers of blocks or tunable parameters experience long load times
Simulink 3216178 MATLAB might crash when all of the parameters of a noninlined S-function have empty values
Simulink 3218688

Non-Direct Feedthrough Flag is not honored for bus type input ports in S-Functions generated with S-Function Builder Block 

Simulink 3221311 Rapid accelerator simulations and simulations deployed using Simulink Compiler error if the generated executable file is moved
Simulink 3221349 Union rates that are connected to reusable subsystem input and output port blocks do not behave correctly
Simulink 3224784 Rapid acceleration fails for a model hierarchy containing reference models with model arguments
Simulink 3225871 MATLAB may crash during compilation with Variant Assembly Subsystem block when a new choice is added externally.
Simulink 3226832 Simulink might hang during model update phase of model containing Simulink Function block
Simulink 3226832 Simulink might hang during model update phase of model containing Simulink Function block
Simulink 3228552 Unexpected results from rapid accelerator or deployed simulation in which vector-valued variables or parameters were tuned
Simulink 3229308 Importing FMU 3.0 with boolean array parameters causes type mismatch error in Simulink
Simulink 3231777 Parsim does not send cache files to workers for model references in libraries. This causes model rebuild.
Simulink 3233373 Parameter Writer blocks that write to different model workspace variables in same type of subsystems generate incorrect code
Simulink 3233875 High memory usage while saving model with root Out Bus Element blocks
Simulink 3233956 A reusable subsystem containing variants configured to generate code into a separate file misses preprocessor variant definitions 
Simulink 3236071 Tunability loss for model reference instance parameter
Simulink 3237215 Editing an existing LaTex equation embedded in a Simulink annotation using the Edit Equation dialog box might corrupt the equation
Simulink 3243703 Simulation results incorrect for Parameter Writer block that writes to block with constant sample time
Simulink 3244052 Model reference output values might be ignored for rescheduled referenced models in generated code
Simulink 3246612 Changing monitor layout after closing Signal Editor tool might prevent next start of Signal Editor session
Simulink 3248327 Programming language reserved identifier error when same char alias used for data type replacement and for block or signal output
Simulink 3252125 Startup variant blocks may generate missing constant values from inactive variant regions.
Simulink 3258146 Stateflow chart output behaving as initial condition in Reinitialize Function might generate incorrect code
Simulink 3258916

When you run Simulink in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean and try to use Simulink text boxes, the text boxes stay blank.

Simulink 3264753 Model with multiple Reinitialize Function blocks running accelerator or rapid accelerator mode might produce incorrect simulation results
Simulink 3266208 MATLAB crashes during model compilation when model contains n-D Lookup Table block with empty breakpoint value
Simulink 3269723 Discrete Time Integrator block might generate less efficient code for internal weighted gain value
Simulink 3283343 Mask parameter values of a library-linked Subsystem Reference block are reset on opening the model
Simulink 3285779 Blocks that have fixed-in-minor-step sample time might produce wrong answers if one or more models in the model hierarchy use a local solver
Simulink 3285794 Model that contains multiple Simulink.LookupTable objects fails to compile for system target file autosar.tlc
Simulink 3D Animation 3177807 Removing an actor using the context menu in the Simulation 3D Viewer for a model with Fast Restart enabled might error
Simulink 3D Animation 3262206 Models with multiple Simulation 3D Ultrasonic Sensor blocks report incorrect sensor output
Simulink 3D Animation 3273025 Building Unreal Engine projects with MathWorksSimulation plugin might error
Simulink 3D Animation 3291896 Simulation 3D blocks for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles do not create the corresponding actors in the 3D environment
Simulink Check 3166205 Model advisor check mathworks.jmaab.ar_0002 does not flag folder name with MATLAB reserved keyword
Simulink Check 3206432 Model Testing Dashboard and metrics engine API may return warning about deleted results for coverage metrics
Simulink Check 3210630 Model Advisor checks 'mathworks.hism.hisl_0008' and 'mathworks.jmaab.jc_0640' might error out on large models with long block paths
Simulink Check 3254628 Dashboards, metrics, and digital thread applications might crash after release upgrade
Simulink Check 3300706 Model Advisor reports generated with exportReport incorrectly filter Failed and Passed checks
Simulink Coder 2433858 Aperiodic partitions using base rate task tick counters might use corrupted time value
Simulink Coder 3138381 Subsystem code might be incorrect when the subsystem contains a masked Model block
Simulink Coder 3176587

Build log from SIL/PIL simulation incorrectly reports Compilation artifacts were out of date

Simulink Coder 3182556 A2L file generation might cause MATLAB to crash during runtime for a model with a lookup table block that has values for both table data and breakpoints from the same member of a Simulink bus object
Simulink Coder 3184582 Code compilation fails when generated code calls undefined tombstone functions
Simulink Coder 3184711 Generated code might use an uninitialized local variable for models with nonvirtual subsystem configured with Reusable function packaging
Simulink Coder 3198937 slbuild argument IncludeModelReferenceSimulationTargets has no effect
Simulink Coder 3207041 Code generated from a multi-rate model reference containing an initialize or terminate subsystem might be incorrect
Simulink Coder 3207953 Code generation incorrectly omits data transfer protection code for Merge block that connects signals with different rates inside nonvirtual subsystem
Simulink Coder 3225820 Incorrect results might occur when root outputs are updated for non-default cases of Switch Case blocks
Simulink Coder 3228992
Accelerated simulation fails for a model hierarchy containing reference models with model arguments

Simulink Coder 3234309 Code generated for a model that contains a MATLAB System block might contain multiple definitions of an enumerated type
Simulink Coder 3243946 Code generation incorrectly omits data transfer protection code for signals connected between triggered subsystems that run at different rates
Simulink Coder 3244739 Code generator might throw error for atomic subsystem when block parameter Schedule as is set to Periodic partition or Aperiodic partition
Simulink Coder 3258443 Generated code might fail to compile due to undeclared identifier for nonvirtual bus with value 0
Simulink Coder 3259196 MATLAB might crash during code generation if it cannot create the codedescriptor.dmr file.
Simulink Coder 3262070 Unable to replace addresses during A2L file generation with standalone Simulink Coder installation
Simulink Coder 3291753 Code generator incorrectly omits service interface header file includes from code generated for nonvirtual subsystems configured with reusable function packaged in separate files
Simulink Compiler 3187417 Incorrect binary generation for FMU Version 2.0 with automatic data type conversion for single data types
Simulink Compiler 3282472 Exporting model to standalone co-simulation FMU might return internal.getWSLDockerSettings error 
Simulink Compiler 3288145 When building an app for deployment, if the components in the app are connected to signals or variables in a Simulink model with logged signals within model reference blocks, the build phase errors
Simulink Coverage 2843106

Coverage not reported in fast restart mode for logic implemented as part of model initialization

Simulink Design Verifier 2704941 MATLAB crashes with compatibility check on export function models
Simulink Design Verifier 3026677 Simulink Design Verifier analysis errors out for models with bus element output ports and nested buses at the top level.
Simulink Design Verifier 3075019 Extend using existing test data parameter may incorrectly report objective status.
Simulink Design Verifier 3135579 Design Verifier compatibility check errors out if Code Generation settings from referenced configset are overridden.
Simulink Design Verifier 3158220 Test Generation analysis incorrectly reports objectives as Unsatisfiable on a model with dirty subsystem references.
Simulink Design Verifier 3163114 Compatibility check might fail when an inactive variant choice in a model contains Model blocks.
Simulink Design Verifier 3168605 Compatibility check might fail for a Simulink Model with Initialize subsystem which writes to Data Store Memory.
Simulink Design Verifier 3174847 Simulink Design Verifier compatibility check fails with error: When keys are specified, values must also be specified
Simulink Design Verifier 3236735 Compatibility check fails when the model contains a Function Caller block which calls a Simulink Function having bus arguments.
Simulink Fault Analyzer 3170950 Vector signals with faults can produce erroneous outputs
Simulink Fault Analyzer 3194240 Parameterized base workspace variables in conditional expressions do not use parameterized values
Simulink PLC Coder 3024693 Mismatch in simulation and generated code results for Data Conversion operation with floor rounding mode
Simulink PLC Coder 3135432 Missing call sites of Stateflow temporal functions
Simulink PLC Coder 3256356 Unexpected use of InOut variables on Rockwell target IDE when modifying a struct or array input to a MATLAB Function block
Simulink PLC Coder 3260551 Function nchoosek is not supported for code generation
Simulink Real-Time 2963611 Transmit or Receive error when simulating or compiling a model that includes J1939 blocks
Simulink Real-Time 3167427 ENI file changes do not update PDO offsets for EtherCAT PDO Receive or Transmit blocks unless the model is updated
Simulink Test 3272145 Using fast restart with test case containing logical and temporal assessments causes test to fail
Stateflow 3050662 Inconsistent behavior in Stateflow charts and Truth Table blocks with complex variable size matrix local data and real scalar initial value
Stateflow 3116449 Incorrect values for data mapped to Simulink based states
Stateflow 3169234 Large non-I/O variables may produce incorrect code for S-Function targets in certain blocks
Stateflow 3233284  On transitions in charts that use C as the action language, count and duration operators might return incorrect value
Stateflow 3235508 Inherited data error when mapping an array element to Data Store Memory in an atomic subchart
Stateflow 3242965 MATLAB crashes when simulating Stateflow chart that uses C as the action language and includes a cast operator
Stateflow 3243640 Search & Replace in state transition tables or truth tables might not correctly replace variable names
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox 3180307 The function mvncdf might incorrectly error when passed gpuArray inputs
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox 3219165 pearspdf and pearscdf return incorrect values for the PDF and CDF, respectively, for inputs corresponding to a Pearson type 4 distribution
System Composer 3161692 MATLAB might crash when saving a subsystem file with a Goto block referenced in an architecture model
System Composer 3161725 MATLAB crashes when saving an architecture model that uses subsystem reference components
System Composer 3167328 Schedule Editor might incorrectly display partitions for AUTOSAR architecture as scheduable
System Composer 3226248 Loading or navigating into a Simulink model linked from a System Composer component might corrupt parameter values defined in the Model Workspace
System Composer 3229189 System Composer report generation error: Unrecognized function or variable 'row'
System Composer 3271618 System Composer Onramp fails to load next section in Connect to Simulink chapter
Text Analytics Toolbox 3221041 FastText English 16 Billion Token Word Embedding support package silently fails to install on Apple Silicon
Vehicle Dynamics Blockset 3156278 The shock force of the K&C Suspension blocks are double their expected value
Wireless Testbench 3275410 Host interface script fails to execute for Simulink models with no register interfaces
Wireless Testbench 3280001 Unable to update filesystem on NITM USRPTM device using Radio Setup wizard on Windows OS

R2024b Prerelease

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Content updated: June 19, 2024