R2024b Prerelease at a Glance

Discover What's New

Take an early look at R2024b with the Prerelease.

Major Updates

  • 5G Toolbox – Explore candidate 6G waveform generation; use the Wireless Waveform Analyzer app to perform signal quality assessments of the acquired 5G waveforms.
  • DSP HDL Toolbox – Use the interactive DSP HDL IP Designer app to customize, configure DSP algorithms, and generate HDL code and verification components.
  • Simulink Control Design – Design and implement nonlinear and data-driven control techniques such as sliding mode and iterative learning control.
  • System Composer – Edit subsetted views; describe system behavior with activity and sequence diagrams.


  • Embedded Coder – Generate code and prototype algorithms for Infineon AURIX Microcontrollers.

Release Highlights


  • Live Editor Fonts: Customize font, size, color, and formatting of text and code styles.
  • Help Center: View documentation in your system web browser.
  • Solve ODE Live Editor Task: Interactively solve systems of ordinary differential equations.
  • Reading Online Data: Read remote data over HTTP and HTTPS with 31 additional functions across multiple categories, including low-level I/O, datastores, and HDF5.
  • Graphics: Visualize grouped numeric data (violinplot); create one or more compass plots in polar axes (compassplot).
  • dbstop Function: Pause execution when unsuppressed output is returned to find missing semicolons.
  • Build Automation: Create and run a group of tasks.


  • Quick Insert Details: Learn more about Simulink blocks and actions when using quick insert.
  • Simulation Data Inspector: Save and load sessions with faster time and smaller file size with the new MLDATX 2.0 file format.
  • Variant Activation Time: Change the active choice of a Variant Subsystem block during simulation or code generation by setting the activation time to runtime.
  • Design Evolution Manager: Manage complex projects by creating, comparing, merging, and documenting different versions of a design.

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