Extend Your Architecture with Domain-Specific Design Data

Extend your architecture with domain-specific design data by adding custom properties to architectural elements using stereotypes. These properties can be directly accessed by MATLAB and used for trade studies.

Notice the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the components in this composition. That indicates a stereotype has been applied to the component.

Selecting the component lets us see the properties and their values for that component in the Property Inspector.

Let’s say we are now concerned about the total mass of the system. We can add a new property to the stereotype with the profile editor. Stereotypes are grouped into different profiles.

These are the properties of the Robot Component Stereotype in the Robot Profile.

To add the mass of each component to your composition, you can add a new property and set the data type, units and default value. Mass will now be applied to each component with this stereotype.”

Back in the composition view we can see that mass has been added to the Localization component. Let’s apply the actual value for mass to this component.

We can also see these properties in the other components. Let’s look at Motor.

Once we have set the value for mass in each component we could now use MATLAB to calculate the total mass.

This is how you extend your architecture with domain-specific design data. This data helps further define your system and can be used for analysis.

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