Video and Webinar Series

MATLAB and Simulink Basics

Learn the basic skills needed to be successful working with MATLAB® and Simulink®. This video series features all episodes of the MATLAB and Simulink student lounge targeted to enhance your skills in MATLAB and Simulink. Learn how version control can greatly simplify working in a team, get to know the features of the latest MATLAB release, and learn how you can create apps and share your scripts with your teammates.

Our Views Christoph Hahn, of MathWorks, shares keys to success based on the views of MathWorks judges in Formula Student engineering design competitions and highlights the support MathWorks provides for the competition.

Modeling to Understand and Improve Your Brake System Understand and improve your brake system using modeling. Mohamed Barakat, of ASU Racing team, and Christoph Hahn, of MathWorks, introduce you to an approach using Simulink where safety is key. You can find all models on MATLAB Central.

Data Acquisition and Analysis Application engineer Rainer Muemmler and Christoph Hahn demonstrate how to acquire and analyze data using MATLAB .

Tips and Tricks Christoph Hahn introduces you to some shortcuts and actions to make your MATLAB experience more productive.

Versioning Simulink Projects with Git Technical education specialists Joachim Schlosser and Christoph Hahn show you how to apply versioning for Simulink models using Git

Tips and Tricks Christoph Hahn and Gareth Thomas, of MathWorks, show you some tricks and tweaks to make your Simulink experience more productive.

What’s Behind It? Sarah Drewes and Christoph Hahn of MathWorks set up an optimization task for a suspension assembly in Simulink Design Optimization. They look at the mathematics involved and share best practices to obtain optimal results in an efficient manner.

How Can MATLAB and Simulink Be Used to Design an ATV? Learn how MATLAB and Simulink can be used to design an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), as well as what other resources and tools you can use in BAJA competitions.