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User-Defined MATLAB Functions

Create HDL-ready algorithms using blocks in User-Defined Functions library

The HDL Coder block library contains many blocks that you can add to your develop your Simulink® modeling environment and develop your HDL algorithm. You can also integrate your HDL algorithm that contains MATLAB® code in the Simulink environment by using the MATLAB Function and MATLAB System blocks in the User-Defined Functions library.

To filter the Simulink Library Browser to show only HDL-supported blocks, enter hdllib.


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hdl.RAMSingle, simple dual, or dual-port RAM for memory read/write access
hdl.BlackBoxBlack box for including custom HDL code
hdllibDisplay blocks that are compatible with HDL code generation


Modeling MATLAB Functions

MATLAB Function Block Design Patterns for HDL

Design patterns that will help you to use advanced MATLAB Function block features.

Design Guidelines for the MATLAB Function Block

Recommended option settings and procedures for MATLAB Function blocks for optimal HDL code generation.

HDL Applications for the MATLAB Function Block

The MATLAB Function block and its application in HDL code generation.

Generate HDL Code from MATLAB Functions

Code Generation from a MATLAB Function Block

Step-by-step tutorial shows how to incorporate a MATLAB Function block into your model for code generation.

Generate Instantiable Code for Functions

Generate Verilog® module or VHDL® entity in HDL code for functions

Viterbi Decoder with the MATLAB Function Block

hdlcoderviterbi2 models a Viterbi decoder, incorporating a MATLAB Function block for use in simulation and HDL code generation.

Bitwise Operations in MATLAB for HDL Code Generation

HDL Coder™ supports bit shift, bit rotate, bit slice operations that mimic HDL-specific operators without saturation and rounding logic.


Initialize Persistent Variables in MATLAB Functions

Specialized semantics impact the way that a function initializes persistent data.

Featured Examples