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Model Design

Create supported block library and design HDL-compatible models by using blocks from these libraries

This section contains information about how you can model your design in the Simulink® environment by using blocks from all products that support HDL code generation. To filter the Simulink Library Browser to show only HDL-supported blocks, enter hdllib.

In addition to the HDL Coder™ sublibrary, the supported block libraries include blocks from Simulink, Stateflow®, Communications Toolbox™, DSP System Toolbox™, Vision HDL Toolbox™, Wireless HDL Toolbox™, and HDL Verifier™ libraries.

The sections below contain links to documentation pages for blocks that are only available in the HDL Coder Library. The links include blocks such as HDL FIFO, RAM blocks, and the Multiply-Add block. Other blocks such as Add and Delay are available with both hdllib and other Block Libraries. For a list of Simulink blocks supported for HDL code generation, see Simulink Block List (HDL Code Generation). In this list, you see blocks available in both Simulink and HDL Coder libraries.