Class that represents a component or view component


The Component class represents a component in the architecture model. This class inherits from systemcomposer.arch.BaseComponent.


Create a component in an architecture model:

model = systemcomposer.createModel('archModel');
component = addComponent(arch,'NewComponent');


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Data Types: systemcomposer.arch.Architecture

For a component that references a different architecture model, this returns a handle to the root architecture of that model. For variant components, the architecture is that of the active variant.

Data Types: systemcomposer.arch.Architecture

For components that reference an architecture, this is be empty. For variant components , this is the architecture in which the individual variant components reside.

Data Types: systemcomposer.arch.Architecture

Data Types: systemcomposer.arch.ComponentPort

For all components except Variant View components, this will return the same value as Ports. For Variant View components, this returns the aggregate of all ports across all Views in which this component is present.

Data Types: systemcomposer.arch.ComponentPort

Data Types: char

Object Functions

saveAsModelSave the Architecture to a separate model
createSimulinkBehaviorCreate a Simulink model and link component to it
linkToModelLink component to a model
inlineComponentInline reference architecture into model
connectConnect pairs of components

Introduced in R2019a