Represent a System Composer model


Use the Model class to create and manage architecture objects in a System Composer™ model.


objModel = systemcomposer.createModel(modelName)

The createModel method is the constructor for the systemcomposer.arch.Model class.


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Data Types: char | string

Data Types: systemcomposer.arch.Architecture

Handle to the Simulink® representation of the System Composer model.

Data Types: double

Array of handles to profiles attached to the model.

Data Types: systemcomposer.internal.profile.Profile

Dictionary object that holds interfaces. If the model is not linked to an external dictionary, this is a handle to the implicit dictionary

Array of handles to model views.

Example: objViewArchitecture = get(objModel, 'Views')

Object Functions

openOpen System Composer model
closeClose System Composer model
saveSave the architecture model or data dictionary
findFind architecture elements using a query
lookupLook up an architecture element
createViewArchitectureCreate a view
openViewsOpen architecture views editor
applyProfileApply profile to a model
removeProfileRemove profile from a model
linkDictionaryLink data dictionary to an architecture model
unlinkDictionaryUnlink dictionary from a model

Introduced in R2019a