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Represent System Composer model


Use the Model class to create and manage architecture objects in a System Composer™ model.


objModel = systemcomposer.createModel(modelName)

The createModel method is the constructor for the systemcomposer.arch.Model class.


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Name of model, returned as a character vector.

Data Types: char

Root architecture of model, returned as a systemcomposer.arch.Architecture object.

Simulink® handle, returned as a numeric value.

Data Types: double

Array of handles to profiles attached to the model, returned as systemcomposer.profile.Profile objects.

Dictionary object that holds interfaces, returned as a systemcomposer.interface.Dictionary object. If the model is not linked to an external dictionary, this is a handle to the implicit dictionary

Array of handles to model views, returned as an array of systemcomposer.view.ViewArchitecture objects.

Example: objViewArchitecture = get(objModel,'Views')

Object Functions

openOpen architecture model
closeClose System Composer model
saveSave the architecture model or data dictionary
findFind architecture elements using query
lookupSearch for architecture element
createViewArchitectureCreate view
openViewsOpen architecture views editor
applyProfileApply profile to a model
removeProfileRemove profile from model
linkDictionaryLink data dictionary to architecture model
unlinkDictionaryUnlink data dictionary from architecture model
renameProfileRename profile in model
iterateIterate over model elements
Introduced in R2019a