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Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Filter Banks

Daubechies' extremal-phase, least-asymmetric, and best-localized wavelets, Fejér-Korovkin filters, coiflets, Han linear-phase filters, Morris minimum-bandwidth filters, Beylkin and Vaidyanathan filters, biorthogonal spline filters

Orthogonal wavelet filter banks generate a single scaling function and wavelet, whereas biorthogonal wavelet filters generate one scaling function and wavelet for decomposition, and another pair for reconstruction. The orthogonal and biorthogonal wavelet filter banks are all suitable for N-D discrete wavelet and wavelet packet analysis. Daubechies’ least-asymmetric filters have the most linear phase response of the orthogonal filters. If you require linear phase, use biorthogonal filters. To learn about the wavelets available in Wavelet Toolbox™ that are suitable for continuous wavelet analysis, see Choose a Wavelet.


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blscalfBest-localized Daubechies scaling filter (Since R2022b)
coifwavfCoiflet wavelet filter
dbauxDaubechies wavelet filter computation
dbwavfDaubechies wavelet filter
fejerkorovkinFejér-Korovkin wavelet filters
hanscalfHan real orthogonal scaling filters with sum and linear-phase moments (Since R2022b)
mbscalfMorris minimum-bandwidth discrete-time wavelets (Since R2022b)
symauxSymlet wavelet filter computation
symwavfSymlet wavelet filter
biorfiltBiorthogonal wavelet filter set
biorwavfBiorthogonal spline wavelet filter
rbiowavfReverse biorthogonal spline wavelet filters
dwtfilterbankDiscrete wavelet transform filter bank
dtfiltersAnalysis and synthesis filters for oversampled wavelet filter banks
isbiorthwfbDetermine if filter bank is biorthogonal wavelet filter bank (Since R2022b)
isorthwfbDetermine if filter bank is orthogonal wavelet filter bank (Since R2022b)
orthfiltOrthogonal wavelet filters
qmfScaling and wavelet filter
wfiltersWavelet filters
bswfunBiorthogonal scaling and wavelet functions
wavefunWavelet and scaling functions
wavefun2Wavelet and scaling functions 2-D
waveinfoWavelets information
wavemngrWavelet manager