Automate source code reviews for safety standards

Simulink Code Inspector™ automatically compares generated code with its source model to satisfy code-review objectives in DO-178 and other high-integrity standards. The code inspector systematically examines blocks, state diagrams, parameters, and settings in a model to determine whether they are structurally equivalent to operations, operators, and data in the generated code. Simulink Code Inspector provides detailed model-to-code and code-to-model traceability analysis. It generates structural equivalence and traceability reports that you can submit to certification authorities to satisfy DO-178 software coding verification objectives.

Support for industry standards is available through DO Qualification Kit (for DO-178).


Model Preparation

Use a constrained set of modeling semantics and code optimizations often used for high-integrity system models.

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Code Generation and Inspection

Examine several general categories during code inspection.

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Report Generation

Generate reports detailing the code inspection results.

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DO-178 Objectives

Reduce the time required for satisfying DO-178 source code verification objectives.

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Simulink Code Inspector requires: Simulink, MATLAB

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