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Open App Designer Start Page or existing app file



appdesigner opens the App Designer Start Page. From the Start Page you can create a new blank app, or a new 2-panel or 3-panel app with auto-reflow, or you can:

  • View a list of your most recently used apps.

  • Explore featured examples to help you get started.

  • Take a guided tutorial to learn the basics of App Designer.

  • Discover new App Designer features highlighted in the carousel.

If you call appdesigner while a session of App Designer is already running, then the existing App Designer window is brought to front.


appdesigner(filename) opens the specified .mlapp file in App Designer. If the .mlapp file is not on the MATLAB® path, specify the full path.


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Create a new app that automatically resizes and reflows content to respond to different device screen sizes.

Open the App Designer Start Page.


App Designer Start Page

Select one of the preconfigured apps with auto-reflow from the Start Page. A new file titled app1.mlapp opens in App Designer. The app1.mlapp file does not appear in the MATLAB Current Folder browser until you save it.

Open and display an existing app by specifying the full path to the file.


Input Arguments

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Name or path of an app file, specified as a character vector or string scalar. Including .mlapp in the file name is optional. Only one file name can be passed into the appdesigner function at time.

If filename appears in multiple folders on the search path, then include a path to the file. The file specification must be the complete or relative path to a file, or the name of a file on the MATLAB path.

Example: appdesigner('app1.mlapp')

Example: appdesigner("app1")

Example: appdesigner("C:\Documents\Data\watertables.mlapp")


You can also create or edit apps using the App Designer development environment in MATLAB Online™ (supported only for Google Chrome™ browsers).

Alternative Functionality

Starting in R2019b, you can also open App Designer from the MATLAB toolstrip by clicking on the Design App button in the Apps tab. For more information, see Get and Create Apps.

Introduced in R2016a