Simulink Performance Improvements

Learn about recent performance improvements made to Simulink® and Simulink add-on products. These include modeling and simulation enhancements as well as improved test, report, and code generation capabilities.

Run a series of independent simulations on a multicore computer or computer cluster.

Quickly build the top-level model for improved performance when running simulations in Accelerator mode.

Set up and simulate your model more quickly with automatically selected solver settings .

Analyze your model for common simulation performance bottlenecks.

Debug your simulation and monitor signal values within the Simulink Editor.

View live signal data from consecutive simulations in one signal analysis tool.

Run consecutive simulations more quickly.

Get simulation results faster by using shared model artifacts.

Speed up parameter estimation, response optimization, and sensitivity analysis tasks

Reduce Update Diagram time for Stateflow charts.

Speed up the Update Diagram time using either a multicore computer or computer cluster.

Property Inspector

Edit parameters and properties of model elements using a single interface.

Configure model data properties using a table within the Simulink Editor.

Accelerate model building with just-in-time contextual prompts.

Find the simplest signal line path between two blocks without overlapping other blocks.

Temporarily delete blocks from the model.

Enter state and condition information more quickly.

Generate C code optimized for ARM Cortex processors.

Generate a custom IP core and automatically integrate it with AMD Vivado or Intel SoC.

Detect and fix potential standards compliance issues in your model at design time.

Generate tests for models containing Lookup Table blocks more quickly.

Generate template-driven reports much faster, without using Java memory.