Verify Xilinx RFSoC System Performance with MATLAB and Simulink


During our presentation, we will demonstrate how to:

  • Define RF test criteria for RFSoC
  • Connect to RFSoC hardware from MATLAB and Simulink
  • Analyze captured data to characterize board performance

About the Presenter

Matt Brown is an engineer at Avnet. His passion is to reduce the complexity of SoC design, allowing engineering teams to start development at the application level. Matt spent over a decade as an FAE, and also helped design Motorola's first Iridium™ satellite phone. Recent endeavors include Simulink-based workflows for software-defined radios and industrial drives.

Noam Levine works in Technical Marketing at MathWorks, concentrating on hardware-targeted, application-based workflows. Noam holds a MSEEfrom Northeastern University and a BSEE from Boston University.

Recorded: 9 Oct 2018