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Class that represents architecture in architecture model


The Architecture class represents an architecture in the model. This class inherits from systemcomposer.base.BaseElement and implements the interface systemcomposer.base.BaseArchitecture.


Create a model and get the root architecture:

model = systemcomposer.createModel('archModel');
arch = get(model,'Architecture')


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Name of architecture, returned as a character vector. The architecture name is derived from the parent component or model name to which the architecture belongs.

Example: 'system_architecture'

Data Types: char

Definition type of architecture, returned as a composition, a behavior model, or a view.

Data Types: ArchitectureDefinition enum

Handle to parent component that owns architecture, returned as a systemcomposer.arch.Component object.

Array of handles to set of child components of architecture, returned as an array of systemcomposer.arch.Component objects.

Array of architecture ports of architecture, returned as an array of systemcomposer.arch.ArchitecturePort objects.

Array of connectors that connect child components of this architecture, returned as an array of systemcomposer.arch.Connector objects.

Object Functions

addComponentAdd components to architecture
addVariantComponentAdd variant components to architecture
addPortAdd ports to architecture
connectCreate architecture model connections
applyStereotypeApply stereotype to architecture model element
getStereotypesGet stereotypes applied on element of architecture model
removeStereotypeRemove stereotype from model element
batchApplyStereotypeApply stereotype to all elements in specified architecture
iterateIterate over model elements
instantiateCreate analysis instance from specification
setPropertySet property value corresponding to stereotype applied to element
getPropertyGet property value corresponding to stereotype applied to element
removeProfileRemove profile from model
applyProfileApply profile to a model
getEvaluatedPropertyValueGet evaluated value of property from component
Introduced in R2019a