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Base class of all model elements


The Element class is the base class for all System Composer™ model elements — architecture, component, port, and connector. This class inherits from systemcomposer.base.BaseElement.


Create an architecture, component, port, or connector: addComponent, addPort, connect.


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Universal unique identifier for model element, returned as a character vector.

Example: '91d5de2c-b14c-4c76-a5d6-5dd0037c52df'

Data Types: char

Unique external identifier, returned as a character vector. The external ID is preserved over the lifespan of the element and through all operations that preserve the UUID.

Example: 'network_connector_01'

Data Types: char

Handle to parent model of element, returned as a systemcomposer.arch.Model object.

Simulink handle for element, returned as a numeric value. This property is necessary for several Simulink related work flows and for using Simulink Requirement APIs.

Example: handle = get(object,'SimulinkHandle')

Data Types: double

Object Functions

applyStereotypeApply stereotype to architecture model element
getStereotypesGet stereotypes applied on element of architecture model
removeStereotypeRemove stereotype from model element
setPropertySet property value corresponding to stereotype applied to element
getPropertyGet property value corresponding to stereotype applied to element
destroyRemove and destroy model element
getEvaluatedPropertyValueGet evaluated value of property from component
Introduced in R2019a