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Create a System Composer model


objModel = systemcomposer.createModel(modelName)


objModel = systemcomposer.createModel(modelName) creates a System Composer™ model with name modelName and returns its handle.

createModel is the constructor method for the class systemcomposer.arch.Model.


model = systemcomposer.createModel('model_name')
model = 

  model with properties:

                   Name: 'model_name'
           Architecture: [1×1 systemcomposer.arch.Architecture]
         SimulinkHandle: 2.0005
                  Views: [0×0 systemcomposer.view.ViewArchitecture]
               Profiles: [0×0 systemcomposer.profile.Profile]
    InterfaceDictionary: [1×1 systemcomposer.interface.Dictionary]

Input Arguments

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Name of new model, specified as a character vector.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Model handle, returned as a systemcomposer.arch.Model object.

Introduced in R2019a