Instrument Control Toolbox

GPIB Interface for Instrument Control

What is GPIB?

GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus), also known as IEEE-488, is a standard for configuring, controlling, and transferring data with instrumentation. With the GPIB standard, up to 15 devices can share a single physical bus of up to 66 feet cable length. GPIB connectors can be daisy-chained which is convenient for test automation where multiple instruments are used.

Once data is in MATLAB, you can analyze and visualize that data for tasks such as signal processing, statistical analysis, digital filtering, and curve fitting. You can also create graphical interfaces for collecting and analyzing your data and automating tests.


Supported Interface Hardware

Instrument Control Toolbox supports GPIB interface hardware from many manufacturers, shown below.

Manufacturer Minimum Driver Requirements
Keysight /Agilent Technologies SICL version H.012.02.00
ICS Electronics ICS 488.2 version 2.0
National Instruments NI-488 version 1.6
Measurement Computing
GPIB-488, Version 2.3

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