Instrument Control Toolbox

Network Analyzers and MATLAB

Control and Acquire Data from Network Analyzers

You can communicate with scalar and vector network analyzers directly from MATLAB using Instrument Control Toolbox. Because you can acquire the data directly from MATLAB, you can analyze data immediately without having to save and import it into MATLAB at a later time, simplifying signal analysis and the creation of automated tests. You can also create graphical interfaces for collecting and analyzing data, visualizing the results, and automating tests.

By using the SCPI commands described in the operating or programming manual for your network analyzer, you can control and acquire data from any network analyzer over any of these supported interfaces:

Control and Acquire Data from Network Analyzers with Instrument Driver Software

Many manufacturers of network analyzers supply industry-standard instrument drivers that you can use directly from MATLAB. Instrument Control Toolbox provides connectivity through instrument drivers such as:


Network Analyzer Instrument Drivers