Base component for interface


The class inherits from systemcomposer.base.BaseElement and implements the interface systemcomposer.base.BaseComponent.


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Get or set name of component.

Example: name = get(obj, 'Name'); set(obj, 'Name', name)

Get a handle to the Architecture that owns this Component. The returned object is of type systemcomposer.arch.Architectute.

Example: parent= get(obj, 'Parent')

Get the Architecture of this Component in the composition. For a Component that references a different System Composer model, this will return a handle to the root Architecture of that model. For Variant Components, the Architecture is that of the active Variant,

Example: arch = get(obj, 'Architecture')

Get the Architecture that this Component directly owns in the composition. For Components that reference an Architecture, this will be empty. For Variant Components, this will return the Architecture in which the individual Variant Components reside,

Example: arch = get(obj, 'OwnedArchitecture')

Get an array of Component ports for this component in the composition.

Example: ports = get(obj, 'Ports')

Get an array of Component ports for this component in the composition only if this component is not referencing an architecture.

Example: ports = get(obj, 'OwnedPorts')

Object Functions


Introduced in R2019b