Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling

The Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling engages students in the study of mathematics as they solve problems and experiments with mathematical modeling. MATLAB and Simulink products let your team apply numeric and symbolic modeling approaches with tools for curve fitting, statistics, optimization, neural networks, and dynamic system modeling.

MathWorks provides complimentary software for CUMCM teams:

  • If MATLAB Campus-Wise License is available in your university, please use the license directly;
  • Otherwise, please contact the leading instructor for CUMCM in your university! From this year, the application form has to be submitted by the leading instructor, who has to collect the needs from all the participating teams in the university, while individual/team applications are no longer be accepted. The application link will be sent to the leading instructors via CUMCM organizing committee. The application is closed after 8:00 pm on September 3, 2021 (CST).  

We also offer two MATLAB Innovation Awards, respectively for one team in the undergraduate group and the other team in the junior college group that use MATLAB in CUMCM.

Video Tutorials for Your Team

Interactive Online Tutorials

Learn by doing! Our two-hour online courses provide a hands-on learning environment where you will interact with a web-based version of MATLAB and receive instant and contextual feedback.

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Learn to Code with MATLAB

Learn to Code is an online, interactive one-hour tutorial that teaches the basics of programming using MATLAB for ages 12+.