The China Graduate Electronics Design Contest

The China Graduate Electronics Design Contest provides graduate students the opportunity to form teams to implement creative electronics design with awards for the winners.

The contest is made up of a combination of open proposition and business proposition. The open proposition is divided into the following five directions: integrated circuits and smart terminal, automatic control and mechatronics, communication and network technology, technical exploration and engineering application, and software design and simulation.

Using MATLAB and Simulink helps your team efficiently develop; AI algorithms, control and mechatronics algorithms, signal processing and communication, and image and video processing for use with embedded systems and FPGA hardware.

MathWorks is honored to sponsor the China Graduate Electronics Design Contest. Send your entry to apply for MATLAB awards. Application method and detailed prize information please refer to GEDC MathWorks Award website.

Complimentary Software

MathWorks provides complimentary software for this competition. If your team is participating in this competition and needs software, fill out the software request form.

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